Pahtoe (Mount Adams)

This 12,276 foot high volcano is located just north of the Columbia River in Washigton state

Although Adams has not erupted in over 1,400 years, it is not considered extinct.  Like Mount Saint Helens and Mount Hood, for now, it is dormant and sleeping.


Its distance from population centers and roads make this mountain a relatively isolated mountain.  With no visitor centers or paved access roads, Mount Adams Wilderness is a true backcountry experience and a classic Washington getaway.

Quick Facts

  • 12,276 feet above sea level
  • The towering stratovolcano is marked by a dozen glaciers, most of which are fed from its summit icecap.
  • Mt. Adams is the 2nd highest mountain in Washington and 3rd highest peak in the Cascade Range.
  • Explorers Lewis and Clark spotted Mt. Adams in 1805, but it was mistook it for St. Helens.
  • The first ascent of Mount Adams was in 1854 and was made by Aiken, Shaw, Birge and & Allen. It is possible that botanist David Douglas climbed the mountain soon after coming to the area in 1825, but usually credit for the first ascent goes to the 1854 party.
  • A sulpher mine operated on the summit of Mt. Adams for a short time, put proved unprofitable.