About the Author

Erin K. O'Connell

Hood River, Oregon resident, Erin O'Connell has long been an outdoor enthusiast with a love for the mountains and forests of Pacific Northwest. 

She has spent many of the last 15 years exploring the natural wonders of Oregon and Washington and enjoys skiing, biking, mountaineering, and camping.  She settled in Hood River in 2005, where she and her fiance enjoy easy access to the river, bike trails, ski slopes, and more.

Erin was particularly captivated by the legend of the Columbia River Gorge, which her Aunt relayed to her at a young age.  Over a period of many years, she would see the legend referenced in guidebooks and brochures, and she developed the idea to create an illustrated children's book that could be shared more easily with future generations.  In 2010, Erin set out to create the book.

Erin has an MBA in Marketing from the University of Oregon, and Marketing and Advertising degrees from Michigan State University.  She is an active supporter of wildlife and land conservation efforts in the region.

Loowit's Legend is Erin's first children's book. 

Author Erin O'Connell shares the book with a yound reader at Waucoma Books in Hood River